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A Call for Candidates


I want to find and support a slate of candidates for the 2018 California elections. I think the current political process is not surfacing the best possible candidates, and our government is suffering for it. I want to help candidates who believe in creating prosperity through technology, economic fairness, and maintaining personal liberty. Sign up here if you’d like to help.

The Problem:

Today, we have massive wealth inequality, little economic growth, a system that works for people born lucky, and a cost of living that is spiraling out of control. Most young people think their lives will be worse than their parents’ lives, which should set off alarm bells for us all.

Most people’s lives are not what they pictured—they feel like they have great potential that is being wasted.

We are in the middle of a massive technological shift—the automation revolution will be as big as the agricultural revolution or the industrial revolution. We need to figure out a new social contract, and to ensure that everyone benefits from the coming changes.

We need to get back to a functioning government. If the process can work again, we have a chance to solve our biggest problems.

Our government is in the way of this vision—it rigs the system in favor of a small number of special interests and campaign donors at the cost of everyone else. In the process, our government has gotten us into an unsustainable financial bubble and has given up on fiscal responsibility itself. California is on a trajectory to go bankrupt.

We can have a better world—we can have affordable housing, free health care, a great education system, economic security, and a healthy planet. We can also have opportunity, fulfilling work, and a voice in the future for everyone. It won’t be easy, but it’s also not impossible—we need new candidates who understand the future.

I think California is the right place to start this—we’re the 6th largest economy in the world, and we have a long history of leading this country. We can lead the way here.

How I can help:

I would like to help find and support a slate of candidates for the California local, state and federal elections in the 2018 elections. I have learned that a small group of aligned people can accomplish amazing things.

I am particularly interested in candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and US Congress. I’m excited about the idea of supporting independent candidates, but very open to working with Democrats and Republicans too.

I would also like to help with a California ballot initiative to address the cost of living, and particularly the cost of housing, in the state.

I can probably help most by creating a technology team for the campaigns to share; I can also help fund them and connect inexperienced candidates to political mentors.

What I believe:

I am a product of our time—I got a computer when I was eight years old, and technology has been my obsession and career ever since. I understand its potential for both good and bad. I am simultaneously nervous and excited about the world we are creating, and I’d like to live in the best version we can build. If you haven't heard of me, here is some info.

My heart is on the left, but I’m a pragmatist. I want to use technology to generate a lot of prosperity, and use some of it to pay for programs to make life better for everyone. There is a massive technological shift coming to society, and we can either benefit from it or be hurt by it.

I was one of the last children of the American Century. I’m not quite ready to let it go. If we don’t take action now, the US will be surpassed as the world superpower. I’d like to get back to the values that made our country the envy of the world. I still believe in American exceptionalism, and even with Trump in the White House, my proudest identity of all is being American.

I've written more about my principles here.

How you can help:

If you'd like to consider supporting candidates, please sign up here to stay in touch or volunteer.

If you'd like to consider running for office, please send an email to

Please also share this with people you think might want to run, or who might be interested in this idea.